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Save The Ozone, Nigeria is a non-profit and non-governmental organization committed to safe, friendly and sustainable environment for all generations irrespective of location or race. STO3 is the organization’s acronym.

We are committed to Safe, Friendly and Sustainable Environment

Mission Statement:
Save the Ozone, Nigeria (STO3), an environmental organization has a mission to support AGENDA 21, The Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol of 1987. We believe that Environmental problems such as degradation and pollution is a global problem because the earth has become a global village in which case, what goes wrong in a particular region or location when allowed to continue for long, unabated, will soon begin to adversely affect the other parts of the earth. Hence the need for local initiatives from concerned stakeholders to abate them. Save the Ozone, Nigeria (STO3) intends to achieve this mission: through sensitization and advocacy campaign against all forms of environmental pollution and degradation.

Year of Establishment:
Founded in 1999 by Mr. Ozaveshe Ade Balogun, an environmentalist with refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technology background, the organization was formally registered on 16th September 1999. The organization is registered as a non-profit corporate organization by the Federal Government of Nigeria, through its appointed agency, the Corporate Affairs Commission which has granted the organization a Registration Certificate to operate.


Origins and Vision:
Save The Ozone Nigeria (STO3) was founded on the premise to help realize the W.W.F/I.U.C.N/U.N.E.P declaration that sustainable development is that which meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The new agenda for environment and development in the 21st century is defined in AGENDA 21 as “That environmental consideration must be infused into developmental planning and that environmental management must be addressed from the perspective of development”.

The understanding of these new challenges coupled with the 1985 Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone layer, and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone layer of 1987 prompted the formation of “Save the Ozone, Nigeria”.


Though a relatively young organization, Save the Ozone, Nigeria, and its Director Mr. Ozaveshe Ade Balogun have received accolades for their work in creating outstanding awareness raising work on ozone depletion and ozone friendly alternatives. Hence the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP in 2007, honored us during the 20th Anniversary Celebration with the Montreal Protocol Public Awareness Award, for their work which also included data collection, analysis and dissemination of information, publication of a quarterly newsletter, and membership on the Nigerian National Advisory Ozone Committee.


Save the Ozone, Nigeria (STO3), has a 7-member Board of Trustees with Prof. Albert A. Segynola of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, in Edo State Nigeria as pioneer Chairman. Also in place is a 9-member Advisory Board, headed by Prof. S. O. Oriaifo of University of Benin. The Founder/National Project Coordinator of the organization, Mr. Ozaveshe Ade Balogun also heads the Executive Council which oversees the day to day running of the organization.


The aim and objectives of STO3 is to compliment the efforts of other major stakeholders, including government, local and international organizations on environmental matters. At Save The Ozone, Nigeria, we are conscious of the negative effect of the depletion of the Ozone layer, which is the natural shield that was provided by Nature to protect the earth, the home of all human beings and other living things and the eco-system.
The Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, Executive Council and members of the organization, work together through the organization of various programmes and projects to sensitize the general public and all stakeholders on how the ozone layer can be protected from further depletion. We also campaign against all acts that leads to emmissions of Greenhouse gases which leads to global warming and climate change.